RTA Group was founded in 1988 as a DMC and Incoming Business Travel Agency. We have more than 28 years of experience in the market. RTA Group works on every case in a very personal way. The best prices are guaranteed by RTA thanks to a long-lasting relationship with the best suppliers.

Why to choose RTA?
– Multilingual and international team members.
– We cover all Spain and know the product first hand.
– Incentive Concepts integrated to the Spanish culture.
– Consultants & Advisors
– Transparence & Trust
– RTA is a fully registered agency with licence number AN-29978-2
– Member of associations, convention bureaux and chambers of commerce
– Financially demonstrably solvent

Countries of operation:
Product categories:
Destination Management Company
Incentive / Teambuilding Organiser
Website: www.dmc-rtaspain.com
Email: rta-andalucia@dmc-rtaspain.com
Phone: +(34) 952 376 250