France Connection brings the French Touch to your Events! The entire France Connection team is passionate about France and the almost unlimited options the destination has to offer!

Being a boutique agency, we claim our independence and our difference:
– Our Project Managers are dedicated to one specific market because they have lived in the country, know the culture, know the language and know how to “read between the lines”.
– When in charge of a project, the same person will supervise and manage it from start to finish, from working on the proposal to sending the final invoice in full accordance with the agreed budget.
– Each one of us has had a professional experience on the client’s side and know the corporate environment. We know what it is like to be a client, what to hope and what to expect from a supplier.
– But we are not merely event planners: We are true destination experts and our clients can always rely on us for the best recommendation on how to achieve an unforgettable event. We, and the suppliers we work with, emphasize the value of good service, availability and responsiveness.
– In 25 years of event creation, with a penchant for unusual or exclusive locations, we have explored interpretations of every sort, from the extremely classical to the most audacious.

It is, perhaps, this blend of the unusual together with our full service commitment that participates in the success of your events!

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