Hover Tours is a Leading Destination Management Company with two offices located in Panama City, Panama and Margarita Island, Venezuela. With more than 20 years of experience, we have the local knowledge and expertise to reveal these magic destinations making utmost efforts to offer the best deals posible to our clientes. We specialize in the design of tourist packages to suit your needs, combine different destinations of a country or we perform multi-destination roundtrips including Central America and the Caribbean.

Hover Tours welcome visitors with hospitality and invite them to share both history and natural wealth of places to visit. In Panama we home The Panama Canal, one of the wonders of the world and an international shopping center. Panama has over 30 protected areas and 30% of the flora of the world, 977 bird species and 1000 orchids species. Panama is a the natural bridge between North America and South America between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean and with more than 4 millions of inhabitants of different cultures that form a vibrant melting human pot.

We offer:
-A team of bilingual and experienced professionals
-B2B on time reservations system
-A one-stop enterprise that offers a complete range of travel related services
-Proposal based on the added value of our services and features that have led us to be among responsable companies in the región
-Private and regular services for individual and group travelers
-Incentive programs
-24 hours assistance
-Wide range of excursions

Countries of operation:
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Destination Management Company
Event Management Specialist / PCO
Incentive / Teambuilding Organiser
Website: http://hovertours.com.pa
Email: info@hovertours.com.pa
Phone: +1 507 398-8036