We are a company dedicated to corporate events planning around two main areas:Logistics & Production.
Rubra represents a culture itself: Creativity, Planning, Implementation, Direction and Coordination.

Who we are?
A multidisciplinary team that reflects the needs and objectives of a clients and depending on the
spirit of the action, we will design creatively a proposal, plan efficiently the critical path for the
event, implement each one of the communication needs and coordinate each instance of the

How we do it?
Each project its designed and planned in our office and can be implemented and coordinated
in any part of the world, where each adventure leads us.
Buenos Aires, Argentina in all of its territory,represents natural stages were we can spread our wings.Our professional experiences in each area, added to the curiosity and continuous research on new tendencies, sustains permanently our emotional, creative and professional view.

Countries of operation:
Product categories:
Destination Management Company
Event Management Specialist / PCO
Incentive / Teambuilding Organiser
Website: www.rubraeventos.com.ar
Email: info@rubraeventos.com.ar
Phone: +54-11-5263-2221