Since its inception 35 years ago Esmé has built up a loyal following of clients as well as a diverse and expansive knowledge of suppliers, venues and services available for visitors to the UK. No other company can provide a member of staff with the length and depth of knowledge that Esme can provide.

Well respected and liked by all the industry both competitors and suppliers. Esme has the sense of humour essential for working in this industry, an almost irritating attention to detail and a personal pride in providing the very best for the guests no matter what.

One word of warning Esme may become indispensible to you! Many of our clients who are well travelled and handle events all over the world now admit that once they have worked with Esme they cannot even consider stepping on British soil before consulting her. She is the UK Oracle.

Esme does not tire of her beloved destination and when she is not attending an event arranged for a client she is visiting venues and restaurants so that her knowledge is up to date. Esme is only happy to recommend venues, services and restaurants that she has personally experienced. She is a patron of the arts and makes regular visits to the Theatre, Opera and Music Events. Sport is a huge interest for her especially when England are playing. She follows the rugby, football, cricket and of course athletics.

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United Kingdom
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Destination Management Company
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