Young and dynamic Italian DMC, we organize bespoke and tailor made events across Italy. Born out of passion to showcase Italy as a premium destination for events, we let you experience Italy through its art and history, traditions, cultural diversity, gastronomy, wine making, local crafts and heritage.

We pride ourselves for our extensive local knowledge and strong supplier relationships, because we know that our industry is driven by face-to-face relationships. To maintain our high standards we travel all year long, outside our events, to discover and select destinations and venues and strengthen relationships with our partners. We believe that working with partners who share the same philosophy as us, will benefit our clients, support local communities and the environment. As a result, the event will be more unique, memorable and impactful.

We work closely with our clients, taking a personalized approach, and support throughout the entire process to successfully achieve client’s business objectives.

Our innovative model is based on three simple principles that make the client experience Italy in an innovative way: Storytelling, Sensorial Experience and Seasonality. Our innovative approach is based on the firm conviction that events must embrace the local culture and history to widen the horizon of ideas that help a company.

Storytelling – brands and companies have stories and by using storytelling we want to bring client’s brand identity to life. Through the live event experience, clients can better connect with their stakeholders, educate, inspire, and leave a lasting memory and impact.

Sensorial approach – By incorporating more senses into the event, the result will be more memorable and creative experiences. Italy is the country of vivid colors, gastronomic experiences, emotionally rich music, rich smells and local crafts. In each region you can experience five senses through traditions and heritage and make the event more powerful and memorable.

Seasonality – as a guideline we will recommend to organize events in Italy off the peak season. Why? Firstly it will give you greater venue choice and secondly being conscious of your budget, offer you best value for money. Lastly, this way we can

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