Here at Pacific World Germany and Austria, we are a passionate team, creating an ever-evolving landscape of opportunities for meetings, incentives, conferences.

Turning visions into reality, we work diligently with clients and vendors in Germany and Austria to create and implement thoughtful and high-impact conferences, congresses and events that engage targeted audiences.

Our understanding of the industry practices and creativity standards, together with our guarantees of compliance ensures successful events and brings a new level of value to our clients. We follow strict compliance rules along with health and safety procedures regulations, mitigating risks to ensure a safe event. We also give best practice advice and design risk management plans for large events.

With over 35 years’ experience of flawless Destination and Event Management services in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Southern Africa and The Americas, Pacific World has earnt a reputation for quality, value and creativity, made possible by successful long-term local partnerships. For added spice, engage our in-house special events and production team, for a unique twist and an endless menu of opportunities for high impact events worldwide.

Are you curious for what we have in store for your next event? Let’s talk!

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